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    On Dec 19, 2011 Conrad wrote:

    Thanks for the opportunity to respond. Evolution is accelerating, especially the Lamarckian type. We are evolving into noticing, not that we have found a new home, but rather, we are now noticing that we never left the home of non-duality. In addition, Shunryu Suzuki said, we are not two and not one. As David Loy said, we are nondual yet duality can be a subset of non-duality. That's something like saying that the way that can be said is not the way.

    Former University of Michigan philosopher, Abraham Kaplan, helps clarify the difficult to understand when he said about Zen: “Not rejecting one metaphysics, set of thought, or theology in favor of another.  It is a whole metaphysico–theological enterprise that is being repudiated.  So far as concerns the actual living of our lives there is little to choose among the various constructions.  They are all metaphors, as it were, and while a change of metaphor may satisfy the critics, it will never lift us from literature into life.  We become so accustomed to particular conventions of civilization that we forgot altogether that we are dealing with symbols and mistake convention for nature itself.”

          …“We cannot escape the confrontation of our own natural self.  We cannot help trying to find meaning in life….  We cannot hide from ourselves. So instead of telling us what the problem is, Zen …insists that the whole trouble is just our failure to realize that there is no problem, and of course, this means that there is no solution either.”

          “…A solution to the great problem of life, is not solving it all: the not solving is really the solving. The wise man does not pursue wisdom but lives his life and therein precisely does his wisdom lie.  The wisdom that Faust comes to in the end, Zen starts with it... When an ordinary person becomes enlightened, he or she is a sage. When a sage becomes enlightened, he or she is an ordinary person.” Reducing desire and being in the present more often are great  for me.


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