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    On Dec 10, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    There is no better way to move through the day than to be purposeful.   When we label frustration for a delay or an inconvenience, and close ourselves in, we miss out on the ebb and flow of this amazing experience here.  By being intentional about the way we live gratefully in each breath, we are fully present to each serendipitous moment, and the revelation of the resulting encounter and/or event unfolds with ease and wonder…even when we are late or in a hurry. 


    Being creative about how we move through the day reveals a lot about how we think.  Our patterns of priority take shape.  A particular colleague routinely wants to connect with you on your way to your desk or next destination.  There are several scenarios.  You could push by under the guise of being on a mission.  You could time your movement past them when they are discussing with another, and keep your eyes averted.  You could most likely take a different route.  There are many others, but you could also build time into your journey and breathe with them.  Frankly, I choose building time.


    There is, in this life, one truism…we are here for relationships.  We build the foundation of our lives on the relationships we develop and nurture.  These relationships reveal interconnectedness and reflections of who and what we feel is important at every turn.  This understanding of interconnectedness shapes our view of the world around us.  It is diverse and can include how we view nature and natural events, wildlife, common occurrences, friends, family, strangers, the circadian rhythm, our job related encounters, the choices we make, the schedule we keep and maybe even treasure, the changes that occur where we have no control, the control we think we have, and the limits we put on ourselves when living closed off under the guise of being too busy.   


    If our understanding of interconnectedness is limited, so is the creativity with which we move through our existence.  To live a rich and fulfilling life is to see each moment with fresh eyes.  I love the idea of shoshin-a Japanese term for beginner’s mind.  Shoshin frankly helps guide me through my day, my yoga practice, my life’s work, the mundane, the new beginnings, the old routines.   Our lives are anything but common and typical.  Our lives can be lived revealing the expansiveness of the universe.  Our way of looking out from the safety of the carbon unit we inhabit has the profound ability to create joy and reveal wonder in every breath we take.  This is quite a practice, to be sure.  But just as anything else that is hard and needs attention, so does this notion of living inspired and with a genuine sense of imagination.


    So, in my anything but mundane, routine, schedule of avocation as a high school teacher, I arrive two hours early and plan quietly, so I can be present for the conversations that will arise, the beautiful and ever changing sunrise, for the inevitable people encounters, for the typical challenges.  I also offer my gift of time in several other venues throughout the week, and in fulfilling this I am privy to spectacular views of the mountain in sunset and moonrise, conversations with the homeless, the V formation of the comorants and the trumpeter swans on their way home, the raccoons scrounging on the deck, and the peaceful countenances of my yoga students as we leave practice to go home to sleep peacefully.  I also am fully present for the deep connection within the starred eyes of students who do not commonly share eye contact, for grateful exchanges with students not known for revealing inner truth, and for the wondrous experience of raising my own two children remembering I am enough, and that our time together is golden, bright, and shimmering!


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