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    On Dec 9, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    Ahh.  The beauty and mysteries to life – our life – and the lives of everything and ‘All’ around us.. If we tap into the reality of life ‘naturally’  to the beauty of this world and our human essence, no matter what colour or season, landscape or imagery of the world we see...

    We then realise and see the true 'gifts' before us, we see where we are at, and where were living and being for the first time, through clear and unsolicited eyes, no media reports, no distortions, no photo-shopping, no subliminals, no expectations, no gadgets, just seeing ‘NOW’ and in-front of us, letting go of the ego, the pasts, of expected projected outcomes, and just simply, seeing before us NOW.

    That’s huge, really huge...  That’s a true petal opening within us, our heart blooming to visions,

    colours, life, inspirations and US -the true self..   We also then become the teachers for others to see these amazements, because if we can see them, then, we can point these wonders out to others. We are the life mirrors to others, as this mother demonstrated to her daughter was in this passage... Beautiful, just lovely..   Letting go of expectations – opens the doors to authenticity....

    We are the change and we can certainly create more positive changes – first within us and the around us, then beyond us..  ..  Nice....  

    Thanks again



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