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    On Nov 29, 2011 JPSingh wrote:

    Their is a heirarchy in the way consciousness is built and arranged.Their is a Master. Two millinium years back it was called Boddhisatwas , about a milliniun back it was called Qutb by the Muslim Sufis.Today he is one hidden in crowd.By whatever name you may like to call Him.But He is there. He is such a power that He can not remain hidden. He is revealed. But people will see in accordance with their state of consciousness. Even if they will not see Him He will see them.Though He already knows them.We are all connected.As we have been since the creation.As we develop capacity to know and recognize ourselves as we are and not what we believe ourselves to be the revealed is revealed.He has never been absent . Ages back the Vedic mantras were chanted in his name.It came as old  Testament and the New Testament ,Pentateuch,Quran etc etc. Everytime and everywhere he has revealed Himself in human  consciousness and human body.We are all connected and we are all one.Our plurality is concealed in our essential oneness.The moment that oneness we experience we revel in an ecstasy ,which is beyond words.All creatures are gradually moving towards that unity. That experience of oneness.We are already seeking Him. He id the  Almighty One, al Ahad.When we witness Him He is Wahid.Thanks God you placed in a human body a copy of yourself. All the humans you mentioned in your note carry a part of Him.So in seeing you or not even seeing you we are connected.That is a great thing to know, experience and feel.This means We are Growing. Moving towars that Light.That Qutb in disguise.Keep searching, I am sure one day you and we all will find Him.Outside our heart.And within our heart. That indeed will be a great experience.Culmination of a long journey.From Eternity to Eternity.



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