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    On Nov 29, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:


    The question of being kicked hard and why?

    Compare.  Work from your dark mirror, as we do at times, and ‘ASK’ your light mirror of the comparison of where you have been working from, and the issue at hand. You will soon find out if it’s a negative or it’s being sent back to you to learn, or grow with, reason with, or see differently, or have input with, or challenge and answer, or just have moment in reflection and stillness..   

    Or if a ego voice partaking in all the ‘talking’ -  Ask the opposite mirror of ‘what is?’ because for everything good we do for others , and our world, we will at times feel some pains..

    I have learnt that, actual deep spirituality and our true sense of the god essence is likened to driving a fancy car, that’s very old and valuable, it has a super reputation, great safety points, solidly built from master builders, loyal on every journey, it has its own quirks and a one-person driver.

    But, but, but. That car needs to go in for a service every now and then, yep, we need our own ‘spiritual service’ to define us at times –validate.  Or, of the situation at hand, we all tend to go off the rail a bit, not that that’s a bad thing, we all get caught up in the moments and we become our own’ness  and not ‘oneness’, we forget what were doing just for that split second and then  see and feel thing differently..  So a little check every now and then doesn’t hurt... 

    Battery- check, Tires – check, Brakes - Check, Oil – check, Ego – check, Stillness – check,

    Destination – check...   So as the travelling vessel, we just need to ‘check’ and get a service every now and then for our own wellness, to continue on the path of this passage -  ‘unknown writer..



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