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    On Nov 25, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    I saw the title of this passage and thought 'Ohh yehhh' I saw the ponder question in this passage and thought 'Ohh what' I read this passage and went 'OHH WOW' Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.. The fact that this 'quiet collective consciousness'is being addressed and discussed, in forum is beyond word, my heart sings just even thinking that we are here now. we are here!! As a child, I was told by the elderly then, that LOVE will be the religion. I was also told that we are the GOD's and that we WILL come into our beings, like we were before, as our will is the 'will' to be, and that is freedom.. Many years ago this type of topic was of a quiet discussion, only with a selected few, because we were forced into not being the 'will' was taken away.. But now,this is and we are the statement of open voices, we are the clarity of the vision, we are the reality of the being-the 'US.. And one only has to look at ones own life thus far, to see the signs and self, of progression of illumination, of heartness, of selfless of mindness, of breath, of stillness and of the 'oneness', even through all the darkness of destructions around, we still witness the rising of love, family love, friendship love, self love, mankind love and global love.. That is a mighty heart pounding 'humanity love' that I'm proud to be a part of.. Those who get it have an understanding of timeless, transcendence, existence of enlightenment and WHOLE BEING, and for those who dont get it, still have an opportunity of love choices and awakenings, the awakening to feel that love wave, and allow that ripple to go through the body, heart and soul, to awaken and to see what has been missing from our human existence... There is no room for egos, selfishness, self-righteousness and destructions to rise for our futures. The pendulum of time and polarity will now swings with beautiful 'synch time' peace, acceptance and love.. So; Spiritual Conspiracy - No.. Spiritual Awakening - Yes, yes indeed, an awakening it certainly is.. Thank you to all the light workers, to all the working and concious beings, that are making coming home to our spirit homes and souls possible.... Now, we have talked about this, discussed this, opened up the topic that IS, so it doesnt stop here, we continue on, and continue on to be the 'light' and help others.. We never stop LOVE and LIGHT.. Thank You Namaste to All...

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