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    On Apr 19, 2018 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:

     Nafs(Self) an Arabic word in Quran.
    I practice Ramana Maharishi's preaching"Who Am I? I,the biggest stumbling block in spiritual progress relates to the worldly-physical-mortal body.Whearas the eternal Soul inside is only pure consciousness the all pervading Omni present life force.Brahmo Hum Brahmo Hum Brahm Swaroopohum.Nityo hum-Shudho Hum-Budho Hum-Mukto hum.Soul overcoming self is a continuous spiritual quest.Kabir said the path is so narrow that the two cannot reside together. Either it is HE or I. May be I am at a stage dispelling I and adopting HE? In the process the gradual slow Opening of The Third Eye-Tenth Door helps to understand the report card.

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    On Jun 5, 2018 Nimish N Purohit wrote:

     I found your comments very useful and would like to convey my thanks.

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