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    On Nov 24, 2011 elizabeth wrote:

     Reflecting on this passage, many veins of thought wee touched and opened.  One of them, the nature of action- of right or aligned action.  When the idea of doing is raised, I become aware- or just imagine- that there are at least two minds in me, or two me's.  One of them feels to be more associated with the front body and the other with the back body- the latter with awareness that does not leap out and push ahead at the behest of impressions.  

    In Sanskrit and Greek- for instances- there was a mode called the middle voice.  The Middle Voice was used to indicate action that was done not of the will of any man nor by accident, but by the highest common will, by nature; the individuals involved were understood to be conduits of an action that came through him or her.  In one's present participation, an act in harmony with nature can come forth.

    A passage from the Book of Chuang Tzu, a Daoist classic, came to mind:

    "The Hui family is poor,' said Yen Hui, ' and we have not drunk wine or eaten meat for moths.  In this instance, will this count as having fasted"'

     'This is fasting for the sacrifice, but not fasting of the heart.'

    'Then what is fasting of the heart?'

    'Your mind must become one, do not try to understand with your ears but with your heart.  Indeed, not with your heart but with your soul. Listening blocks the ears, set you heart on what is right, but let your soul be open to receive in true sincerity.  The Way is found in emptiness.  Emptiness is the fasting of the heart." 

        -"Out and About in the World"



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    On Mar 21, 2019 Tom wrote:

    Nice comment Elizabeth.

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