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    On Nov 22, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    To further ponder...  So therefore, we are the creators of change. 

    And to look upon others indifference, is to look into one’s own self or selflessness?  As the ‘change baton’ is passed from one generation to the next,

    So, we are at some point ‘in this life’ the ‘difference’,  

    And being that difference, we do what?  

    Do we fix the natural to the natural, and what exactly is the ‘fix?

    Are we even aware in that moment of creating the change, that we are the change? And what impact will that change have latter on down the track..  Remember the feminist movement ‘burnt the bra’ to have families now with two working parents and no one home to establish a safe home!!!!!    Hmmm, does Fix =  Impact???   

    Does our own insecurities have its own reasoning and then we realise we are not adult responsible enough , or not even wanting enough to be the change we crave for, because that means work, and voice and expression and living..  And even maybe looking at ourselves in a deeper stronger way what some ‘cannot’ cope with...


    We have spent centuries saying ‘Myself’ instead of being and saying ‘Ourselves’

    and there lies just one problem of the my, my, my, me, me factor,

    compared to the us, us, we, we factor, as the ‘we’ is working together for a better natural..



    It’s true we cry and complain as we have nothing, and we cry and complain when we have much of everything, we criticise others and suffer ‘tall poppy syndrome’


    Is it possible to clean our own back yard each day first, then creating the capacity and room to see our own potentials to assist and help others..  I think we can, we just need to fix our own unnatural to naturals first, with all the impacts, and move forward to the better and safer natural...

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