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    On Nov 19, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    Wow – Okay ‘The Difference between Natural and Unnatural’

    I’ve luckily reached 46 years and in that time, I’ve learnt that;


    The following method doesn’t work, it dulls the brain and stops the spirit from having passion to, and in, universal life - Unnatural

    I’ve learnt, that rushing manicness doesn’t work, it distorts the brain and spirit from actually knowing or learning anything at all – Unnatural.

    I’ve leant, being quiet is a cop out – Unnatural.

    I’ve learnt, talking to much is ego driven – Unnatural.

    Not listening to body and nature - Unnatural.


    So,  after spending many years in the Unnatural, I’ve really, really learnt we really, really don’t know where the natural is, because we haven’t been taught to think or develop that way of natural in a busy throwaway society; That is until one day when you awaken to realise there is more to you than a mere body and someon-elses thought, there is a real ‘You’ in the ‘you’ self, and when the two introduce themselves to each other an awakening occurs in the form of reason and rationality..


     So, now I know some good balance is to listen, exchange ideas, have debate, love what you’re doing, and be yourself -consciousness , to ask and talk to your spirit, to question and test....


    Some trees, the same as humans, from the same crop/life need nurturing, or being attended to, while some others may not.. the way we can find out if a tree – animal – human needs attention in a natural way is to, watch, feel, taste, ask, nurture love and explore from the options that are available to us  For not everything and everyone is the same, and remembering that a patch test  is always a good thing in life and nature. But, but, but.  Other than just giving something a go and taking the risk. I don’t think we actualy know how to do that, yes we have polarity, and we may have taken the risks of not knowing the outcomes of what were doing ,but persist in the endevours anyway,  But how it is to be totally know and be free to try and develop in a true natural, spiritual, nurturing balanced way between ‘Natural’ and Unnatural’  

    Maybe, it already just is, and were actually working from a deeper sence of being?




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