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    On Apr 11, 2018 RICHARD wrote:

     We are here for connection and expression, for relationship and intimacy. We are here to bake in the presence of another and let the aroma of our maturing be that which inspires and illumines, cares for and serves the other. 
    There is always a pouring out, a giving away, a making space for.  Then a time for stillness to allow what is wanting to come.  And there is always something, something good, something appropriate that is wanting to come.  It is a cultivation of appreciation of all that is, and has been. It is a discriminating awareness.  It is attentive discernment.  It is touching the garment of truth.

    Beyond wants, needs, and desires what is here?  What is the truth of this moment as you?  The famed Ramana Maharshi was known for asking his students to ask themselves over and over, “Who am I?” (Alternatively, having a dyad partner ask you “Who are you?”)  … until they fall out of the question and into the understanding of the reason for the question.  So, if you were to stop asking yourself this question and go beyond.  If you no longer “saw” yourself as a who what is left?

    Our part is to look in the mirror and see “who” is really there.  And then see that in the other.
    We are never alone. What is deeply there is always there.

    Do you see yourself today as the river or the channel of the river? It is kind of asking yourself “Are you yin or yang?”, or more one than the other?  As the river you know yourself as flow.

    As the channel you know yourself as a guidance for that flow, banks that funnel the energy and direct it.  What is your perception?  If you drop the “who” what is here?

    Beyond grasping to have there is what is already, always here.  Empty your cup to fill it with that understanding.  Then offer that cup to another.

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    On Apr 12, 2018 Jo wrote:

    So beautifully, artfully written ... I second your thoughts ... Amen! 

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    On Dec 15, 2019 Jessica wrote:

    My goodness you are the real poet with those words Richard. So lovely.

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