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    On Apr 8, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Feeling lonely, disconnected and depressed is sadly growing more in our society. We are born by intimacy, we survive by intimacy and thrive by intimacy. We need to open our mind and heart to be connected with the world of nature and others like us. We need to make a shift from I-It to I-Thou.

    How can I relate to the world of sound if I keep my ears plugged? How can I listen to the live silence of nature if I keep my mind noisy? How can I smell the fragrance of blooming flowers if I keep my nose plugged? How can I feel the warmth of your touch if I keep my hands off? How can I feel your presence if I am not present with you?. How can I see me if I am not awake? The universe offers countless gifts to us. We need to empty our task -loaded hands to receive them.

    Three days ago my grandson invited me to do mindfulness meditation with him in the early morning  hours. We sat in our front yard sitting silently with open heart and open mind. During the twenty minutes of mindfulness meditation, we got deeply connected with the touch of the cool air, the enchanting fragrance of the  blooming flowers , the sight of the rising sun and  the chirping of the birds.We also felt joyfully and deeply connected with each other without words.

    Everything is waiting for us. Yes. We need to say YES to it and gracefully welcome it.

    Namaste.Jagdish P Dave

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