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    On Apr 6, 2018 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     The great mistake is thinking we are alone. If we have the courage to open up, share our truth, our vulnerability, our story, we quickly learn we are never alone in any experience. There is always at least one other person who has experienced something similar who can sit with us, listen, hold space and acknowledge our journey. I've been on both sides and it is healing and releasing . I would say the most "grand" way I ever experienced this time of intimacy was when I allowed myself to be extremely vulnerable in posting on Facebook about being in another depression and being deeply concerned about the darkness enveloping me. I had moved through depression before and was feeling dismayed that it had returned at a time when things seemed to be going so well. I reached out, first on Facebook, because I was too depressed to make a phone call and ask for physical presence. The outpouring of love, care, concern was beautifully overwhelming. It pulled me out of the darkness enough to accept invitations of several people to come to visit me over tea or coloring books. They sat with me one on one and listened and hugged and were simply present. I've done the same for others and to be on the receiving end was deep and healing and appreciated beyond words. What helps put down aloneness is recalling the times when either I have been present for someone else or they were present for me and the rush of love felt in my heart. This is just the push needed to reach out again. <3 

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