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    On Oct 6, 2011 Susan Lovejoy wrote:

    " Ideas turn into reality, or facts, all the time. Look around we would see a good percentage of our reality were merely ideas before"


    RE: FACTS ..

    There is no-thing but ever-changing energy ...   I claim that whether defined as an idea or 'reality', this energy  is only different in its form, and I would argue that it is the dynamic idea-form could never be described as "only" when without the idea, no-thing could ever transform into the aggregation of atoms and molecules which we consider 'reality'. .... and this constantly changes form to become some other no-thing ...

    Since we keep eternally learning and to claim anything as cold hard fact/reality is the joke we play on ourselves.  So too, must our spiritual beliefs be open to questioning and revision as we grow in spirit.

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