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    On Apr 1, 2018 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

    When listened to we feel valued, when asked reflective questions and if we have anything more to say, we feel both heard, valued and perhaps even understood. This is what so many are aching for in the US and in the world that is so hurting. So many feel unheard and in turn unvalued and misunderstood. When we feel listened to by someone fully present we feel that we do have value and that our voice matters. I've been listening deeply for a long time and even more so since the 2016 election. I've made my social media a space for listening and for compassion and because of this I've had people on all sides message me and converse with me. I've had people share their deep experiences and thoughts. And just last week, totally unrelated to the US, while I was in Albania presenting a Communication Workshop.  One of the attendees approached me afterwards and started to share some of his life story. I listened, providing space and then he shared he struggled with depression. I listened. And then I hugged him and whispered,"I've been on that journey too." He shared more. I felt deeply honored that he would share something so deeply personal especially at a work related training. We ended up making time to have breakfast together the next morning. We listened to each other across our cultures, providing space. It was wonderful. I think the patience to listen deeply comes from knowing what it feels like to be listened to myself and from the responses from others who are so grateful to have that space created for them too. <3 

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