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    On Sep 20, 2011 Donagh wrote:

    When someone asks to hear your story, for me, a number of magical things occur. There's that simple special sharing between two people,. Listening to the voice, the spirit of another human being. It's an opportunity for the teller, perhaps for the first time, to put into words, their deepest thoughts. It's an opportunity for the teller to hear his or her own story in complete sentences and in a story. Before that they were merely a collection of thoughts, unspoken, and perhaps never connected in such a way. The teller is almost forced to bring together strands that may have been unconnected before into a coherent story. Often, when telling another person your story, the seperateness of events comes together and makes sense as much to the teller as the listener. We often tell ourselves something in thoughts that when revealed to another person, lets us hear ourselves for the first time.   Like putting pen to paper, it releases unsaid things that reveal more to ourselves as well as to those who are listening.  The process, as suggested above, offers the perfect opportunity for empathy.Equally the teller of the story has a chance to listen, really listen, to hear their own story

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