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    On Sep 3, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    Oh my goodness!  To have the opportunity to read and respond!   These thoughtfully written passages just get better and better!

    Holding others in a space of reverence to me means being fully aware and alive in this present moment.  The richest experience of life I have found is within the split second of breath and in between two thoughts.  Full presence on my part offers a universal expansiveness of space and time to hold the encounter within the palms of my hands, and within my heart, the seat of compassion, empathy, and serenity.  I may not ‘do’ much at the time, but ‘being’ present and truly seeing into the eyes of another plucks the unstruck strings of the heart, the anahata. 

    A year ago, a dear teacher of mine, Anand, offered an activity at a workshop I attended.  He had us face a partner, whom we had never met or spoken with, and look deeply within each other’s eyes, unblinkingly, for a long period of time.  We were arms length away from each other, with our hands on each other’s shoulders.  He guided us, reminded us of breath awareness, and asked us to visualize from our hearts.  For me, this was excruciatingly uncomfortable, scary, and profoundly upsetting.  I am a very guarded person in public, and do not want to be exposed emotionally in any way, ever.  However, this of course is exactly what it takes to hold others reverently.  By allowing another to experience one’s heart, healing begins.  Through this eye contact, by acknowledging Divine presence within each other, we connect with the understanding, the knowing, we are here, right now, together, at this moment, and never separate.

    I have been forever changed by this activity in the workshop.  I am filled with gratitude for this new day, and look for the opportunities to hold others in reverence.  As we move through our lives, these encounters truly become blessed events.  We send out calming energetic vibrations from our heart center…this is the change we can be a part of…this is how each of us can affect the world.


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