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    On Sep 2, 2011 PK wrote:

     I am deeply touched by Jerry's words. It is reverence that shows up this passage and I could enter his world and experience the Ohs that he did.

    it got me thinking. generosity is a state of consciousness. Samething with reverence. It is an attitude and I have a choice to be reverant. I cannot be on autopilot and reverant.

    When am I reverant and what contexts bring reverance in my attitude? Mystery definitely makes me curious and when I stop trying to figure it out and honor the mystery, reverence shows up.

    Recently, I was with a professor Fred Luthans on the plane. He is a legend in the management field. His demeanor was very simple, down to earth and curious. We had a great conversation and I learned so much in that two hour flight and am everyday practicing and reflection on that learning. When we left each other, I was deeply touched by his generocity of spirit and presence. Even when I think of him, I experience reverance.

    It is easy for us to experience guilt, pride and shame (GPS given by societal norms) but it is worthwhile to consciously develop Generocity (instead of guilt), passion (instead of pride) and attitude of Service (instead of shame). It looks to me that Jerry Winstorm succeeded in transforming his own GPS meeting three souls who are rich in their genorocity and through his writing, inspiring us and strengthening our hearts. Thank you Jerry!

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