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    On Aug 30, 2011 Carolina wrote:

    Thank you very much for this entry! I am touched by the way you think and could only wish that more people would think and act like this. By realising that I am nothing, it is much easier to let go and just be. Be me and not what others want me to be. Be me and therefore be free. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, in todays world hardly anyone is himself anymore - and as one could argue, therefore not free either. But don't we always speak about this mysterious "freedom"? What is it? And why do so many people want to experience it while they still are not themself? How can one think "I am free" - if in the next second they feel obliged to hide what they really are? I have had many thoughts like that and have been hiding for a long time. But ever since I accepted the "real me" and started living in peace, I feel much better and can handle life easier. In the end, to be free I just have to be myself and live and act according to that.

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