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    On Aug 29, 2011 John Anderson wrote:

     “When I died, I realised that I was neither my thoughts nor my feelings, neither my breath nor my body, neither my ego nor my mind, neither my spirit nor my soul, neither my emotions nor my actions, neither my children nor my possessions, and neither my desires nor my achievements: I was no-thing.  To be no-thing, I recognised, was also to be every-thing, but whilst I am being human, I am contained within space and time: I am finite within the infinite.  Nature’s immutable laws create the conditions that allow us to be human, which is to desire to be separate, to forget where we came from and why we are here, to go out on a journey of self-discovery and get lost in our possessions, to become lonely and need love, to wake up to our pain and suffering, and finally, to let go of everything we thought we were and come back to who we truly are.”

    – John S Anderson – The Art of Being Human

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    On Sep 6, 2021 Paul wrote:

    Jesus fucking Christ. What horseshit

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