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    On Aug 25, 2011 Smita wrote:

    Byron Katie says that if she had a prayer, it would be: "God, spare me from the desire for love, approval, or appreciation. Amen."  Hearing this sometimes makes me laugh uncontrollably!  I find that life is so much more fun when it doesn't matter to me whether someone likes me / hates me, approves of me / disapproves of me, thinks I'm great / thinks I'm nasty.  I cheat myself *big time* when my attention is on these issues.

    My dear brother Samir and I were talking this morning and we both agreed that it is so much more interesting when our attention is on our inner experience rather than on what's going on outside.

    I'm actually starting to enjoy the experience of people "not liking me"--it's a good reminder to draw my attention inward, and to really experience that who I am is independent from what anyone thinks about me (whether other people pay me compliments or regrets).  And *that* frees up so much energy to enjoy life!

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