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    On Aug 21, 2011 Navin sata wrote:

    We live in world of duality with foundation of false ego , and as long as this ego exist prison exist when our mine and yours transeforms in to pure unconditional love for all we remain in riches of finite mind material world plus all we think and percive experience will be illusion .to transform our concious in no limitation . to experience reality we must be sincear and totally devoted to  our prectice of  meditation in all inner and outer aspect  of our daily life,shri patanjali sage in yoga sutra all saints of all cultures life are guiding light to remove prisoners mental and physical walls if you ever lisent to bhajans by Meerabai or prayers of saint francis of assisi,or Mahatma Gandhijis favorite bhajan Waisnav Jan, all this great souls guide us to free ourselves and experience limitless love when we understand and apply in every present moment at this moment Medation is the soul of spiritual life, the method is more important than the end ultimate reality is beyond matirialistic egostic mind our I journey lies in our faith, patience,and steadiness.In spiritual life ,its Avarchniya [beyond words] yet scripture saints points rightous journey [remember to journey path and not the point keep open mind means no walls, truth my dear satsangi is infinite limitless. use your pure vivek ---- even as fire without fuel becomes extinct in its own resting place.when thoughts becomes silent the mind becomes quiet in its own source.duality ends ANANDA ANANDA ANANDA-----------always love Navin


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