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    On Aug 21, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    When we begin the practice of meditation, of allowing quiet into our lives, the conditioned mind has some hurdles to leap.  Hurdles for imagery here represent current culturalization, current thought, current activity, current belief system, etc.  These hurdles can be viewed as set in stone, foundational, impenetrable, a force to be resisted.  The conditioned experience we find ourselves in 2011 helps erect these hurdles, these walls of societal construct.  The hurdles are created and influenced by strong and deep patterns of embedded thought, and provide a sense of security with which the ego, the little ‘s’ self, can identify.


    Upon further meditative practice, of gentle compassion toward the ego and its insecurities, these same hurdles can be viewed as temporary, movable, fluid, transparent, even illusionary.  As we begin to put down and let go of the security blanket of the conditioned mind and examine the true construction of these hurdles before us, we realize that fear of self-examination, of apparent unknown, is what holds us within the impenetrable walls.  We are fearful of peeling back the layers of embedded and thus familiar patterned thought.  Prisoners of personal construct. 


    Frankly, it is the practice of giving ourselves permission to slow down in this hectic global time, to just be instead of always doing.  When we slow down, we provide an opportunity for this finite vessel to connect with its most expansive and enlightened inhabitant…Divinity within.  Here we break out and arrive home.  Herein lies our freedom.  And when we continue this practice of meditation, the peace and ease with which we can move about in our daily lives helps others see possibilities within their own experiences.  This is what happens when we let go of fear and ego identity, and we intrinsically connect with limitlessness.  We trust deep gut intuition-unlimited knowing.  Hawaiians have a word Palena ‘ole-without boundaries-the act of realizing spaciousness, authentic abundance, unlimited capacity.  An expansive heart that is no longer confined within a prison of personal construct can love and be loved unconditionally.     


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