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    On Aug 20, 2011 James Marco wrote:

    Why is this guy's stuff being posted on here? Even a casual read of and will tell you more than you need to know not to give this self-proclaimed "enlightened a*hole" isn't worth even a minute of your time. I'm writing this here because I've no doubt that all the regular iJourney commenters are going to soon chime in with their "oh wow, what a beautiful answer", "oh, Andrew really understands how it is", bla bla bla, etc. without even considering that the person behind is someone who regularly uses confrontational and abusive tactics against his students, all in the name of "correcting" them onto the right path - that being his path.

    Of course, just becaues he's a c*ck doesn't mean everything he says must be de-valued. No indeed, he may have some intelligent and thoughtful messages to convey. Yet I personally must weight whatever positive message I receive with the negative influence of the person's character - specifically, he isn't living what he preaches and thus, how much conviction can he really have in what he's saying? does he even know its truth?

    Finally, I'd like to apologise to iJourney folks for writing this. I'll make it easy for you - I'm an unlightened c*ck who can't see through Andrew's abusive nature to see the real beautiful enlightened being underneath. And I'm not anywhere near as "in the moment" as any of you so feel free to verbally bash me over the head if you feel so. As you can tell, I'm very egotistic.

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