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    On Aug 11, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    Perhaps I could share an example of a more obscure way to share generosity.  Be generous with your time.  To do this, when working through the list of things to be accomplished by the time you return home, leave at least one/half hour earlier.  This will help you be more at ease during the errands.  Then, just as you begin, reflect for a moment to prepare for being present and open to the person-the 'teacher'-you are about to come in contact with, and be the 'student'- be receptive.  Stop.  Give complete eye contact with the person you encounter, and truly listen to their story, if there is a story to be told.  You will be forever changed by seeing someone using all your senses.  The stillness you offer in the ease with which you open your heart will help them notice Love reflected back, like a still lake or a mirror.  Make a plan to do this every day you move about your life.  The opportunities to be generous with your time can be as plentiful as each full deep breath. 

    This tiny experiment may be impractical by nature, but then why else are we really here, if not to interact, be present, and give to one another of our own abundance...time, in this case.  Slow down and pause.  This can help you reach a mindful meditative state.

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