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    On Aug 9, 2011 John Anderson wrote:

     Yes you are correct Ganoba, the life processes are not linear, but western thinking tends to be linear, based purely on simple cause and effect, delineated by intellect.  When we are able to hold presence and not react, whilst things arise in the real world, through dependant co-arising of karmic events, we can expiate our personal and collective karma.  Perception influences experiencing of external events and perpetuates karma, when our expression is based upon past events and trauma.  Direct perception - seeing truly, comes from the transformation of our traumas and the realisation of an objective reality, that abides.  Hermes said: 'As within so without, as without so within.' - there is dynamic flow between the internal and external realities, they are not one or the other, they inter-are.  John Anderson - The Art of Being Human. 

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