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    On Aug 9, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    Generosity…giving…creating space…

    Each of us is enough and can show generosity in our own wonderful way.  From the depths of this realization, through the Light within our hearts, springs this generosity.  We connect with this Light by becoming still through meditation.  This stillness is not just physical, per se.  This stillness arrives when we slow our ‘doing’ so that we can listen to the whisper of our heart’s desire.  From this calm space within us, and the trust we cultivate from quieting our human selves, we recognize how interconnected and interwoven this existence is.  Each of us has gifts we have been given, the desire to live our lives sharing these gifts, and it is through this desire we recognize how interconnected and interwoven this existence is.  These gifts cultivate responsibility. 

    Some examples of these gifts can be the expression of the Truth (satya) through language by speaking or writing, perhaps inspiring others through action and example, or even always being there-to be counted on by family and friends-with a wellspring of energy and open arms.  Another example can be showing compassion and empathy toward others, as well as ourselves, creating a circle of Love from which generosity rises.  Generosity can be expressed through actual giving; of time, of physical or emotional rest, of food, of money, of shelter, of unique and well as ‘mundane’ skills…

    This is the Divine intention of sharing our heart’s desire, our deepest expression of love through the generous giving of who we really are and why we are here at all.   


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