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    On Aug 1, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    This reading sent me off on my greatest adventure this morning…trusting many other senses beyond the ‘five’ I have as a human being, many beyond today’s accepted educational scope and culturalization in the United States.  The reason I call this an adventure is only recently I have allowed myself to trust, tune into, and connect with the additional sensations around and within me. 

    I am intrigued by written and spoken language; translation, interpretation, and definition.  For me, by interpretation, ‘pressure’, as it is referred to in the reading, means a change in vibration…perhaps denser, perhaps airier, perhaps atmospheric, perhaps sedimentary, perhaps auditory, perhaps even enigmatic-Love.  For me it describes how the hair on the back of the neck rises up when I perceive a scary unknown in the dark.  It explains the goosebumps on my arms and the general overpowering sense of warmth when I am listening to a serendipitous story.  This now helps with my understanding of reality.  ‘Pressure’ defined as a change in vibration helps explain how sometimes I perceive a black cloud around someone, and conversely can instantly watch the change in energy to happy abandon just before the smile reaches the face.  It explains attitudinal shifts during the various cycles of the moon, and the seasons.  ‘Pressure’ can guide us on our connections with nature during activities such as hikes, swims, walks, play, and most certainly when taking our shoes and socks off as we ground and center ourselves (earthing) after air travel.  It can also give us with wide open arms the sense of wonder we experience in the melody of bird song, the kaleidoscope of colors in the sky, the giggle of a child, the softness of a loving touch, the emotional response to music...       

    ‘Pressure’ in complex sensations can also shed light on our gifts…why we are here, what we have to offer, our passions, our desires.  When we are truly attentive to vibrational signals from the heart, the universe, and begin to listen closely to internal wisdom, the more we can ‘see’.  This is the great adventure I have been on.  I awake each morning with a sense of wonder and gratitude for the day’s offering; presence in this body and at this time.  I experience this precious and impermanent existence most fully when I slow down, mindfully moving, breathing, and opening up to endless possibility.  When I note subtle changes within myself and in relationship to interactions of all kinds, and enjoy the vibrational shifts, I am most alert and alive, dwelling in this earth suit.  What an adventure!        


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