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    On Jul 31, 2011 Ganoba wrote:

    we have 5 sense organs. By using them we get information(data) about various aspects of our environment. How often do we use all 5 of them together to know about our environment? Not often. Most used are the eyes and then the ears. Touch is sometimes used but sense of taste and smell are used very rarely. We end up knowing only fractionally about our environment. Then the mind is not there in its wholeness to process the data. As a result we often see our environment as being useless to be ignored or worse still as hostile and hence we react defensively to it.
    Various forms of meditation are a training to start using all the senses together and then allowing the mind to collate the data before coming to any judgment about the environment and then deciding how to respond to it.
    I have personally developed many simple exercises to help this process.
    and would be willing to share them with anyone interested.
    In time the process is turned inwards when the 5 senses are not needed to be used. The mind is now the direct observer. Initially it observes the physical sensations and then moves on to observing itself (thoughts, emotions, intentions, biases and so on. Later it seamlessly moves on to observing the source of all this. Now we are in the spiritual domain. Finally all boundaries that divide our world/identity into fractions (inside-outside, me-you etc.) are dissolved and we enter a state of samdhi or oneness.

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