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    On Jul 30, 2011 Conrad wrote:

    Thank you Somik for the opportunity to respond.

    The word "pressure" does not fit when I  attend to present experience. The opposite is often the case. I feel less pressure and more openness with a greater connection to everyone and everything  when being in the present.  My connecting is still mainly mental, as is much of what I say and do.

    Attentive presence helps me think and feel more at one with everyone and everything. Each moment is  new , but in another sense, there is no other moment. Being in the present moves me towards experiencing all of reality all at once. I notice the past is a present remembrance and the future. As a present anticipation

    When I am attentive to my desires, I notice pressure relieved when I ignore desire. I find that at times, perhaps often, I avoid noticing detail in order to notice a peaceful connection to everyone and everything. As Sir Arthur Eddington said: "the universe is not only stranger than we imagine, is stranger than we can imagine,

    Sorry to be so lengthy but I think it is helpful to notice the following:

    From "Gilles Deleuze: An Introduction" by Todd May:  “Consider the possibility that there is more to our world then we can perceive, and more than we can conceive.  Suppose the world overflows the categories of representation that the dogmatic image of thought imposes on it.  This is not to say that our particular categories are lacking something that other, better categories would give us.  Our imagination must go further than that.  We need to consider the possibility that the world -- -- or, since the concept of world is too narrow, things or being or what there is -- -- outruns any categories we might seek to use to capture it.” 



      "How has an attentive presence helped me unlock a new sphere of reality in my own life?"

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