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    On Jul 14, 2011 Gulrez wrote:

    I fell in love with this person and it lasted just 21 days... This was my second attempt at relationship. I was very skeptical about it at the begining... our sunsign did not match (so teenage like!) but he made me believe that I can trust what we created between us.

    The relationship helped me discover such beautiful aspect of myself which I either was not aware of or was not accepting about. It made me fall in love with myself and the inner beauty in me. And this was happening for the first time in my life, yes I was loving myself and was completely accepting of 'me'.

    In the middle of third week, he started becoming aloof... he was going through rough phase but towards the end I could sense that it was going no where. So when I asked him he said that it was not working out for him... he did not give me any reason for calling it off and gave me two comments - he said that he felt that spark was gone and that I was like his mirror image.

    For me spark comes, stays and goes to come back again... what one need is endless hope and unquestionable commitment to enjoy the spark till it is there and to bring it back when it is gone... It is easy to start a relation and to end one... but to sustain one is the task which requires complete you and you forever... with your beauty and with the ugly too, with complete honesty... to celebrate the positives and accept the downs, fully

    And today I am out of my last relation with great amount of positivity because I gave everything that I had... I did not hold back anything to first test if it will last and then give, or held myself to protect from the hurt I will feel if it would go away after having given myself completely. I believed in it with my eyes closed... and when it went away I felt sad and then I decided that I will live all my relations that I have in my life to the fullest because it is so fulfilling an experience... and today I am connecting to my folks and friends like I never did before... the process which started with the news of loosing a friend in an accident has moved to next level of enriching my life with positive experiences.

    And I am thankful to God and feel really blessed to have been bestowed by such experiences and realisations...



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