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    On Jul 10, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    As I continue to age, I notice a shift in consciousness.  When young, my mom helped instill in me a fear of everything.  I did not have this fear earlier, but can remember this nagging tug at how awful life really is from about age 5 on under her tutelage...I am now aware she received this indoctrination early in her life too.  The difference now is that she is still fearful, and my fear has changed to something else.  My fear has turned to a sense of deep inner peace as I connect to the quiet realization that there is so much more than this experience, and that this moment is to be experienced with every sense, even those beyond the scientifically accepted five senses.  This is not to say that I don't feel fear, but now I internally welcome the lesson that rises up from the awareness of that fear, and welcome the next breath, becoming fully present once more. I sat with my dear laborador when he took his last breath about three years ago in the side yard.  I was brought immediately to the moment, to the beautiful serenity after his spirit flew, leaving behind the struggles and pain he had recently been dealing with.  It was my extreme honor to care after his earthsuit left behind, being fully content and at peace.  I miss his earthsuit more than I can ever express, but am fully at peace knowing the spirit that experienced life here with me has arrived in another earthsuit of some sort, to experience the finite once again.  I now look at wildlife and nature around my home in a whole new way, and also have looked into the eyes of the children I work with and connected with the spirit I share with them.  It helps me slow down.  It reminds me of the fact that Love is the only thing...if it is indeed a thing...only Love. 

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