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    On Jul 10, 2011 Navin wrote:

    Life/Death are two side of one coin I am grateful that after two heart surgeries and mejor heart attack I am ready to climb mountins .my mother used to tell us when I was young child in small village in inda due to maleria and no medical service in village everyone thought I was dead and were preparing to cremate accept mother she did not release my body to them she held me close to her heart and hour latter I open my eyes. in 2005 while climbing mountain I suffered mejor heart attack , some lady doctor was behind us and she recognise situation and gave me treatment beside other exp.I worked 37 years with elderly in nursing home where Death and dying is every day event     ---------- without faith and human compassion its impossible to suffering of life and death most of time when person departs this body after old age and sickness we call it blessing that person is not suffering and he or she is resting now

     its our attachment to this body and material world we forget death is with us and will greet us any moment we are numb or Ignorent to starving children anywhere in the world that is living Death? Mahatma Gandhi once said if we eat more than we need or keep more than we need, some where in the world someone isnot eating enough or starving of their needs isnt that also death of the  human conscience ----- one must focus living Rightously. Then just like mystery of Love and Life and Death understanding comes from within. Our scripture explains very clearly Shri Krishna explains in Geeta  Death is like  changing bodies  like we discard old clothes and wear new clothes. Our attachment to this ever transient world triggers all feelings and emotions Life and  Death.  These worldly attachments are ignorance, and if our conscience evolves  beyond our  ignorance of the  truth, spiritual knowledge, and wisdom then there is no such thing as Death. Nishkam Prem is living life with selfless love for  all creation. This will bring us eternal Life where  there is no Death and no Doubts or Question its beyond words.

      With love alwyas,


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