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    On Jul 9, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    Every day we wake is just another day we are closer to our death... Or so we believe This is just another way of coping with the fears that have been built into us. Death is not pleasant, it’s an awakening to self, and that knowledge can be shocking. Death has to be experienced daily to know that life truly exists. And by laying to rest each day the day’s sufferings, losses and pains in our lives, we accept to move on and live by accepting all deaths, that death brings us the ally of life Death is to life, as life is to love, and ‘love’ is our strength. So I think, it’s our own conflicts to the past, and insecurities to the fears of death-to die-that robs us of our life’s gift to totally live and understand in this moment - now. By accepting and knowingly overcome the fear of our death, in life, changes life. Change is death, every-time we change, we lay to rest the death of the past, from that death we take a step into our own consciousness, where we see and feel the true being of whom we really are and our immortality. I think if we step beyond polarity and duality we realise we have infinity that is beyond any death that we believe we know... I was given a death card some years ago – It wasn’t the death card that scared me or made me weaker, it was the people around me constantly saying cancer, from that dark time I learned to meditate, I removed the cancer word from my vocabulary, the ‘word’ held the harm more than anything else, then a great peace and love came, so, a stronger happy, peacefulness and acceptance with love came from a darker side of death, and from that my life was born – what a great ally to have... And everyones got an ally. Thanks for the reflection..

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