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    On Jul 5, 2011 Ganoba wrote:

    What we think and feel and the way we behave, the kind of choices we make is largely governed by our basic equation with the environment.

    Most of us have one of two positions on this;

    1. we hold the environment as a threat.

    2. we hold the environment as a partner an ally, even as an extension of ourselves.

    There is always a third group which is neither here nor there, sometimes here and at other times there, always oscillating.

    If we hold the first position then our reaction to the environment is the fight-flight mode. If we can't do either we surrender or play the waiting game.. This leads to the fiercely active mode. We have to fight and work hard. We cannot afford to rest. We have to use all possible tricks to fool the enemy  to wil. So camoflague, subterfuge, masks, untruth, cover ups, masks are all accepted and recommended strategies. We have to keep pushing on relentlessly. We cannot give up.  The language will be loaded with superlatives. 

    If we subscribe to the second position then we stay and play. we are watchful not out of fear but to respond with love. We are in no hurry as we see time as an abundant resource. In fact we live in abundance. There is a resource pool from which all of us draw freely. There is no need to hoard or accumulate. the mind is open and free.

    This article and many such shared before in this space com from the second position. They use different words but refer to the same essence. Each of them provides us an opportunity to examine our position with reference to our environment and to change it if we feel so inclined.

    Discussing them in an intellectual/philosophical way, to my mind is a waste of an opportunity.

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