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    On Jul 4, 2011 Smita wrote:

    What I am learning these days is that love is *not* something that just visits us temporarily.  It's who we are...all the time.  We may be blind to it much of the time, but then it unveils itself to us in a moment of grace.  But it is always there.  Many times I feel overflowing love for no thing or no one in the most random moments.  That seems like one of those moments of grace.  And that's one way I know that love is always alive in me, as opposed to being a "visitor" that is just here to stay for a short while.  So, I think I *can* choose love by consciously accessing that ocean of love that I'm swimming in.  This is the love that can experience itself without needing a person or a thing to bring it alive.

    Seeking or needing love from another is one very good strategy for becoming blind to the love within us.  I have experienced this many times...seeking love, feeling needy of it, looking for it from the outside.  In my experience, that blinds me to experiencing the perfect love that I am residing in.  I'm looking for someone to give me what I already am!  And in that state, when I am not experiencing the love that I already am, it is impossible to give love to another.

    I think the reason we think love comes and goes is because the people or things that bring it alive in us come and go.  But really, it's always there.  It's ALWAYS there!  :)

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