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    On Feb 21, 2018 Amy wrote:

     "Thank you for coming up this way for my procedure.  My heart is feeling really groovy.  I feel like I have 100,000 more miles in me. Regards,  Steve "
    This week's reading  made me immediately think of my little brother Steve!  Earlier this month my sister Vicki and I picked up my brother at his home in Escanaba, MI and took him to Marquette for a cardiac procedure to correct his Supravantricular Tachycardia.  Having had this from birth, he was always mindful of his heart intermittently and randomly beating out of his chest.  For a life time, he he did nothing about it.  Fear of doctors, hospitals, needles, medication (in addition to a multitude of other irrational fears) kept my brother from any form of preventative health care.  Well, to make a long story short, my dad almost died this past summer.  (I, too, had to get him to the hospital to correct his "electrical" cardiac problem).  Dad, today, (at 83) is brand new!  Steve, upon seeing Dad go from "death to life" with one (God monitored) procedure, mustered up courage and hope enough to seek help!  Steve is FINALLY living in the freshest chamber of his heart !  
    PS.  Mom and Dad just stopped by to visit a bit.  Among things shared, they had to tell me that for the past two Sundays (since the "miracle") Steve went to church!  He is running again (even in the cold and icy pavement!).  Thanks be to God!  Amen

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