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    On May 29, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    This is simply a divine passage – pure honesty to the soul-spirit of life’s truth’s... Just Devine. 

    I take a breath from my contemplative thoughts from this question of;
    "What has been the role of questions in your spiritual cultivation?"   I smile and say;
    ‘Ohh my goodness’   for without any of my inquisitive, annoying, constant, nagging, persisting and genuinely wanting to know questions of things and stuff – without those ‘thing and stuff’ I wouldn’t be here today... Those questions are ‘life’.  I honestly believe without those many, many questions and many, many mistakes to re-ask many more questions, I wouldn’t have had a growing life... 
    Be it we nurture a child with breast to give nourishment and sustenance to growing life;
    The same be it for my life’s questions, that’s the nurturing and sustenance of answers to my inquisitive question for ‘a life’ Now, my sustenance and strength to ask questions came later for me, as strengths and courage’s had to be sought first – and though those questionings a new ‘life’s spark’ of new questions grew as well, but no matter when and how – ‘each step of life is, or has a question’.... 
    I am just an average person with no special skills, but my great achievement is to ‘life’ and to want to live life, and to ask some more questions from everyone, from all walks of life, without embarrassment, but of a friendly unity in nature... this road leads me to know ‘me’ with the learning’s,
    and re-learning’s of how to be first...  then from that my spirit grows and thus relaxes, leading me to a more comfortable understanding of knowing, or just accepting, as I comfort my soul ... Knowing I did, I can and, I will, at some stage, no matter how still I be, I will ask a question just to smile and talk to you.... Because the question of ‘Hi – How are you?’ is very important for ‘our’ cultivation, as that’s my spiritual growth and development – to cultivate the ‘US’.. 
    Hehehehe  ;-)  I had to stop for a moment on a quick additional thought of;
    Trust in everything, but be weary, for not everyone you trust – or trust in, will be, or is the truth that you actually want to hear, be it in nature, stillness or a frenzied quest for an internal answer ... spiritual growth and development knows when you’re ready to know and grow more....
    And it doesn’t matter ‘if or when’ the answers come
     For if you do not try or ask, we will never really know ‘how to grow’,
     to choose the developmental road we want to take, or be on ...
    Much much, gratitude for this moment....

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