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    On May 24, 2011 Ganoba wrote:

     the quality of a decision is not judged by the outcome.

    quite true because decisions don't produce outcomes, actions do and there is a big chasm between a decision and an action. Intellectuals are prone to miss this point.

    what goes on in the mind is often not reflected in overt behaviour.

    another point to note is that personalities don't matter much, the process is all important. we tend to raise people to the level of gods and then begin to worship them Then they can do no wrong in our eyes. some people begin to believe their psycophants and start believing that they are gods. there are many such instances of this in and around us. i am afraid this is happening with some of us.

    Giving a talk is easy because we have a captive audience. having a free discussion is another matter. i am afraid Ron missed a wonderful opportunity in living his talk the way he handled the "yes-but"quetion.

    I am disappointed with soumik's comments about ron and his work. they smack of hero worship.

    with love towards all involved in this process of finding the spiritual core.

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