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    On May 23, 2011 Pancho wrote:

    Hermano Viral asks: "Which of life's paradoxes helps you attune more deeply to reality?"

    The first time that really looked deep into the dark sky and scratched the surface of the-beyound-comprenhenshion vastness of the Cosmos, felt insignificant and at the same time very special for humanity is the Universe that took consciousness of itself.

    To look for groundedness in this way, brings up the ultimate reality, brings up the importance to live in the present moment. In the vacuum of the intergalactic/interstellar/interplanetary space, there is a silence astronomically beautiful: Love is the breath of the Cosmos... silence is where we come from and our destiny. The meaning of our existence, the unfolding story of life, the blueprint of humanity is embedded in this beginningless note, in this endless symphony... 

    If we pay attention, this silence is between inhale and exhale; between exhale and inhale. It's all the time with us. It is the loud music of our attentive presence. This is one of life's paradoxes that fosters oneness at its best: to be in receptive silence to become the harmony of our hearts...

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