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    On May 22, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    Paradoxes.  Seemingly diametrically opposed or absurd statements that actually may be true.


    Lately, according to this reading, it is exactly that 'deeper level of being, that loves paradoxes', where I have been living recently.  The reality I connect to while enjoying this concept is found in Gunilla Norris’ last statement:  ‘Through our willingness to be the one we are, we become one with everything.’


    I love the time spent stilling myself and watching the thoughts.  Many times I find myself giggling.  I love the opportunity to take time for myself without guilt to get in touch with all the mind-stuff, referred to in Sanskrit as citta-vrtti.  This is the part of me that makes me human…this function of the mind to be constantly in motion and expressing itself.  I love the idea of thinking nothing of the thinking.  And not knowing the knowing.  And practicing non judgment…just observing what is.


    I teach high school.  There is such an audible din everywhere you turn, and if one can view this as a whole-as a bee swarm-instead of each of its separate parts-bee roles, judgment reduces.  And, in the yoga practice, sitting in stillness and leading these precious ones into yet another opportunity of quieting for a while, brings the greatest joy and insights.


    There is much to learn about our inner beauty and gifts.  It’s amazing how much deep understanding is available in the time spent in a comfortable state of stillness.  Listening to and experiencing the internal noise , noticing the ebb and flow of thought, and connecting to the ‘roar of existence’ is a practice needed more around the world.


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