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    On May 21, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    "Which of life's paradoxes helps you attune more deeply to reality?"

    Ahhh... How Brilliant of a Question  :-)
    Life is the paradox - isn't it ?   It's it the daily laugh to all uncertainty!!!   :-)
    Or, is only when one manifests 'life'  that,  that is the reality AND purpose of being?  :-)  
    Gunilla Norris said:
    'Through our willingness to be the one we are,
    We become one with everything'.
    And then - We realize 'Were Not' !!!!  hehehehe :-)
    What a beautiful way of incorporating
    'New Atoms Doing the Same Dance'  with Lives Paradoxes  
    :-) Ahhh the joy of knowing everything and nothing at the same time...
    Is it that we are only the 'tuning forks' to the universal life sounds and lights?
    and, with each cord and ray that sounds, we are only there for that vibrational moment of 'Love energy' 'Life energy ' in the 'Being' ?? 
    Thank You - I truly realise now - I know nothing, yet I will learn to know, to realise I have to learn some more...
    I smile at life's parody of learning :-)
    Thank you - Im grateful being in the 'virtual presence'  :-) of such beautiful souls...

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