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    On May 15, 2011 PK wrote:

     When I first heard that every cell in my body gets replaced in approximately 7 years, I was excited. That means, my allergies don't linger if I don't get exposed to allergens for 7 years. Similarly, I will be able to be a different person without my bad habits, patterns and dysfunctionalities -- so I thought.

    But as the title of this message says, new atoms do the same dance. it is not the atoms that make a difference, but the pattern in which those atoms organize. That is my individuality, my addictions, my gifts, blessings and that is who I am. I am a pattern -- like DNA is a pattern of four base pairs. Elements are the same but how we are organized is what makes us all different -- not just human beings, animals, plants -- entire universe.

    In a Hindu scripture, there is a prayer called Narayana Suktam. It talks about how we have a primordial spark in each of us. And that spark represents universal life and that universal life is divine -- it is Narayana Himself. In addition, it is the entire universe that is in our heart -- in the size of a rice grain. This passage reminds me of it.

    So I have you in me and you have me in you. Not only that, I have all the past -- good and bad -- Hitler, Gandhi, Rama, Ravana, Kali, Lakshmi -- everything is in me. Not in the "me" that I think I am but in the me that is potential. When i am optimistic I tap into something. When I am pessimistic, I tap into something completely opposite. I am creating what is happening to me all the time in partnership with the universe. I pick and choose how I experience. Including the "i" I relate to and that is what is individualistic.

    Can I choose to serve instead of wanting more? Can I love instead of hate? I can and when I do, the pattern changes.

    So what pattern are you going to choose today? How are you manifesting this world?

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