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    On May 15, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    A dance…and science.  Are they mutually exclusive?  According to Einstein’s reflections, and Thoreau’s writings, and Christ’s teachings, we are interconnected, no matter what spin your thinking brain may put on it.


    There is an open channel to the story of life, and we experience it through our physiological system, our emotional and mental system, and our spiritual system.  These are not separate as some may lead us to believe.  The life here according to Dr. Weiss can be explained in this way:  ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’  And we are vibrational.  In the Yoga Sutras, we come together in likemindedness and joy to connect with this vibration.  Jesus stated that wherever two or more gather, He is in the midst.  For me this means two or more spiritual entities.  What a connection.  According to Rumi, in the ‘Mystery of the Moment’:  “To the mind there is such a thing as news, whereas to the inner knowing, it is all in the middle of its happening.  To doubters, this is a pain.  To believers, it’s gospel.  To the lover and the visionary, it is life as it’s being lived.” 


    How I tune into this open channel is through a myriad of revelations and happenings every moment of every day…the simple life.  Removing shoes and moving slowly through the meadow, mindful of each footfall.  Resting on a sun warmed rock, looking up, embraced by and connected with the earth and the puffy white clouds billowing in the deepest blue sky.  Sensory responses such as goosebumps, hair on the back of the neck, rapid heart beat, vibrational movements within personal space, to unseen happenings.  A Sanskrit mantra.  The spoken word, no matter the language.  An indigenous story.  Releasing stress with negative ions near the ocean waves, splashing in a waterfall, being enveloped by fog, twirling in the rain.  The sight and sound of salmon jumping in the kelp bed.  A tree in full fragrant blossom, supporting a din of pollinators of every size, color, and hum.  Porpoises teaching and playing with offspring.  An eagle pair negotiating meal selections and parental duties.  Eating crunchy lettuce leaves straight from the soil, from a plant bathed in the sun’s energy, dripping with the sweetest liquid.  A singing bowl.  Listening to the positive affirming inspirational language of children.  Stilling the mind with each breath, listening to the beating heart, surrounded by bird songs and motorcycle OMs. Children spontaneously laughing in play.  Full and intense eye contact with a ‘stranger’ and resonating with the connection that results, touching joy.  Harmony expressed through song, drums, strums.  Deep heart connection in a hug.  Observing wildlife simply coming and going.  Quail herding the brood of 10.  Sunset.  Sunrise.  Moonset.  Moonrise.  Shooting stars.  Aurora borealis.  Effortless bird flight.  Fish schools.  A teen yoga practice.  An unexpected smile.  “Seeing color”.  A newborn, no matter the species.  Awareness through trusting the deep inner knowing, experiencing the ‘aha’ moment.  Watching sea otters frolic, harbor seals communicate through slapping the water, mo’o (lizards) and the halting gait.   Frog lullabies in spring rains.  Peace and complete happiness through calm reflection.  The lone tree, roots tightly gripping the side of the sheer cliff, sheltering and supporting the tiniest nest of a hummingbird and baby chicks.  A lake at once still and teaming with life.  Smelling rain before it arrives.  Jumping, completely weightless, into the warm ocean, welcomed by the turtle and the coral.  The purring cat.  The dog in downdog.  Whale songs while sitting on the beach.  A bell sound.  Delightful giggling at the antics of sand crabs.  The rush of energy after a task completed, or an exhilarating activity.  Drinking in the beauty and tranquility at the top of the peak, no matter the height or distance.  At an advanced age expressing the joy of my five year old self through spontaneous, rhythmic movement.  Warm healing hands, pressed together.  Being ever present and authentic.  The metaphor of Indra’s net in a spider’s web.  Laying down cultural and academic beliefs on separateness, and embracing the nurture of interconnectedness…filled with Love.     


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