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    On May 10, 2011 DrAvrington wrote:

    The Anonymous fellow above does bring up some very good points. I wish people would learn who and what Gandhi actually was and not the "politically correct" propaganda surrounding his persona especially his affiliation to the Nazis. Herr Hitler would send representatives of the Reich to India, Persia and the Middle East to learn their their faiths to revamp the Germanic Occult Aryan Thule. Of course this had lead to a terrible desaster to all Europe and the world. Gandhi, sadly, was a misguided Hindu that made the leap from the peaceful aspects of Hinduism with the lies and attrocities of misguided "egalitarian" Socialist ideal, not to mention the fellow had a fetish for playing with his own feces.  Paul Johnson has a very good little chapter on this fellow within his book "Modern Times".  I truly hope that people seek the entirety surrouding various personalities and not willy-nilly cater to that developed throughout the media.  Examples being Che Guevara or Yassir Arafat - who were misguided Communist/Islamic murderers who were too turned into something they were entirely not.  Regards SRA

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