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    On May 8, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    To begin, there is so much more to us and our experience than the next news story, the gossip around town, who drives us nuts, what to wear today, what to do, where to shop, where our next vacation is, and all the activities surrounding the almighty dollar by getting ahead-being the best-competing and clawing our way to the top.  We are much more than our job description.  When we peel back all the layers of unconscious living, we rediscover our heart.  Within our heart we know what is true and necessary.  We are led to serve others for the higher good.  We are to connect to our passion, our Gifts, do our work, our action, and not be attached to the outcome.  Gandhi did exactly that.  When we are connected to what we know to be the truth about why we are here, we have tapped into the wellspring of boundless energy that is the Universe.  We wake each morning with purpose and vision.  We rest in the calm peace that comes with the deepest sense of gratitude.  Each encounter, each step, each conversation, each smile is heavenly and holistic.  We are guided by the Big S Self, our heart.  We express our Spirit which is Universal and connected to each Spirit within each heart, to everything around us, within us, and continue to nurture that with each breath.  While we are on this journey of our life, we are experiencing life and all it offers.  With this experience comes deeper understanding of what it is to ‘fail’, or make a ‘mistake’.  We may judge ourselves or others a ‘failure’ or by our ‘mistakes’, based on cultural norms and expectations, and when we do we suffer and cause suffering.  That can’t be what is true spiritually.  Each experience can offer Love, and we can live in Love in this effort.  The relationship we have with all sentient beings can be the expression of this Love.  Full effort is fully living.  Being present with the effort is life.  Putting down attachment to the outcome of such divine effort is the ultimate in moksha (liberation) and experiencing this deepest joy daily is ananda (bliss).  Therein lies full victory.        

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