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    On Apr 25, 2011 Edit Lak wrote:

    Wow:  What does one say to this?  What do we say...   Other than - Thank You...

    I’ve just been transported back into my childhood, sitting alone in a catholic church, listening to the service of ‘Forgiveness’... And thus the story of my learning started...
    After reading Michael Bernard Beckwith’s passage,
    I turn my computer off and settled in for the night, with the seeds of the question now firmly planted, I wait for my spirit to talk and guide me of ‘"What is your experience of for-give-ness?"
    So, as my spirit and inner child have no sense of time, I awoke at 2am this morning to have a mental dialogue about this topic of forgiveness, and to address this issue within me, on what;
    One great spiritual leader Beckwith has quoted, about, another great spiritual leader - Jesus… My life has just changed.. I have stopped all day to allow my though to transcend to paper.
    And this is what eventuated in the stillness and quiet of my time…
    Do we really, truly, honestly as spiritual people within society still see that
    ‘turning the other cheek’ must be counter acted on, or even having to react with a form of a ‘something’ even a giving back of a positive energy form is a reaction, and that action/reaction at first hasn’t been dissected in its purest form to know what energy level, or, thought of a healing love will be sent out, and for what purpose? Or, if any action is needed at all.. 
    I would think that our only effort should be to, to just ‘Be’, as just being doest incite for the slightest bit of a mental sabotage of the emotions rising…
    Before any lesson of the blow is learnt,
    Before any lesson of the circumstance is understood,
    Before an understanding can be seen,
    Before a judgment is ever so slightly made, and, reacted to
    A true forgiveness of ‘forgiving thy-self’ first is needed, to establish and allowing everything else to ‘stop’ for that ‘moment’ without a reaction… then, it is only then, with clarity of the lesson in human interaction can we make peace – That love of ‘self’ first, is then god essence within us that can truly mend, heal, fix, repair, learn, or even just let go off situation, because the situation may not belong to anyway…
    So, as we teach our children not to react, we should also remind ourselves ‘not to react’ because any form of an action - is a real reaction -that cannot be undone - no matter how loving and innocent, after the fact…
    Forgiveness for me is the learning of myself, and, forgiving myself first - Everyday
    And only then, can I do any good,  in genuinely forgiving others..
    As every interaction, has an equal and opposite reaction!!! 
    No circumstance, situation, or, reaction is ever the same…
    No matter how similar, but, never the same.. So, I try everyday to forgive my actions first.
    It would be an injustice to ‘self’ and ‘spirit’ if we ran a pro-forma reaction on an old head program, and just say it, but did not practiced that, as forgiveness is the door to all ‘love’
    Many waters have flown under the forgivness bridge of mine, some I have been successful at forgiveing, some I have failed at...   But I continue to try everyday the best I can..
    Now, I really want to say - Thank you so very much, in further opening up my spirit and soul in taking ‘Forgiveness’ to a different level, to a deeper honest level of purity, without masks....  
    It is with this debate, and pushing the boundaries of such, that we go further and further into the ‘heart’ and ‘truth’ of the matter of ‘US’               Much Thanks

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