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    On Apr 23, 2011 susan wrote:

    Ohmygoodness, I await the delivery of the weekly iJourney read with delightful anticipation! *giggle  With each delivery I am encouraged to think beyond myself and I am sweetly reminded of how beauty-full life is and can be with learning and living.  This weeks iJourney read, I am reminded of the engagement received at the Wednesday gatherings, the peaceful quiet of the Mehta family home and sharing of thoughts and feelings and ideas.

    I felt those same blessings here the last couple visits to this iJourney post reading the thoughts and feelings of those that have shared here... I found the poem and poet to be as Pavi stated, "gentle and sharp at the same time" and reading through Katherine's and Manisha's experiences and then Somik's wisdom and connection to "The Mahabharata", I am beautifully nudged to open my heart further and my mind more to Ms. Nye's message.

    Kindness, indeed awareness, can come with the experiences of a heavy load or the weight of responsibility.  These experiences can give way to understanding.  When the understanding is shared with another in empathy it becomes kindness.  This is how it is for me, too,  though additionally I would share that at best it is also in practicing kindness, or simple goodness for this matter, that the behavior will become habit and a part of my very person and further a part of my identity and my way of be-ing or the way that I am; I am kind.

    I have deep and incredible gratitude for the many kindnesses shared with me, my family and those I love.  Though I am sure that there are many I have forgotten, there are so very many acts of kindness I summon to my thoughts and whilst doing so I give thanks and a prayer for these kindness givers.  Those that share a kindness with me inspire me to reciprocate within my world, and I do.  Kindness feels good.

    So my thoughts on kindness are that in practicing kindness I become kind,  in recieving kindness I am energized to share kindness, and the gift of kindness and being kind increase my quotient of gratitude in living and loving. 

    It's all good-ness!  xo

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