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    On Apr 10, 2011 Ricky wrote:

    I am so grateful to have read such a precious story about a parent who really gets it...about who our 'teachers' are on this journey we refer to as our this case, his daughter.  What most enchants me about this beautiful writing is that it touches what I know to be true in my deepest inner core-my soul-the Self.  At a very young age, as I looked out at the world around me and tried to make sense of it all by making observations and asking questions, I was greeted by 'unconscious' adult rhetoric by adults who had lost that connection to what is, in their own effort to make sense of everything.  As a youngster I believed the rhetoric.  Confused for a very long time (at least 50 of these years), and dealing with the consequences of not being true to what I know to be true about my life and others around me, only when I began to teach and practice yoga did I offer myself peace and grace.  His daughter was shown that peace and grace through the soul connection-the universe connection-the heart connection that occurred in this story.  And he was present enough to  recognize and reconnect to his deepest inner core, his inner child, as he focused not on what was being said, but what was real about the encounter.  I teach children, and know them to be much closer to the Self, and listen to them to connect each time they speak, look intently,  express themselves in dance, and their limitless artistic and problem solving talents.  I teach high school.  I am present every day for these moments described in the story.  The 'something' referred to in the story is the 'everything', and the 'only thing'.

    Much love, Ricky

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