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    On Mar 3, 2011 Linesh wrote:

    "The law of increasing returns in diminishing time."

    This is law of accomplishments is attained by unceasing, continuous practice. As you practice constantly and with attention, you tend to attain skill. As you attain skill, your efficiency increases. Efficiency is another name for achieving in a shorter time what you used to achieve in longer time. Height of inner efficiency is to realize and to achieve things in a moment, which is the shortest fraction of time.

    For example, when you learn to meditate, you tend to achieve a stage of relaxations -- quietness -- towards end of say, half an hour. When you practice for years, it happens just in 10 minutes and when you practice more, it happens in just the moment in which you close your eyes. Your inner states change in a shorter time.

    What happens inside, also happens outside in the manifest world. With practice, you tend to achieve in the world the things you seek, in a shorter time as compared to time it took when you were not practicing.

    A new factor gets introduced over time, that is, your effort decreases in achieving same thing. Youexperience a process of least resistance to get what you want. More returns in a shorter time with lesser effort is the net gain. This is what this law is all about.

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